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    PC Remote Control is a remote desktop application. It help users to control computers and laptops over Wi-FI and Bluetooth on mobile devices. PC remote Controller supports windows, Linux and Mac.

    Control your PC on mobiles by mouse and keyboards from anywhere in wireless and Bluetooth range.

    After Installing PC Remote Control App on your Mobile, download and install PC Remote Server on your Computer for Free If you don't have Java Software, first install java software from here

    PC Remote Control main functions:

    Mouse Remote

    Keyboard Remote

    Real time PC screen on mobile (only in paid version)

    File Explorer for managing files

    Media Controls including VLC etc

    PowerPoint Presentations

    Secure connection protected by password

    Shortcuts Control for fast working (only in paid version)

    Browser Remote including chrome, Firefox etc. (only in paid version)

    Mouse Remote

    Will be a wonderful feeling control the window touch-pad on mobile device? Even users can zoom and scroll the pc screen on mobile device.

    Keyboard Remote

    Type on your mobile device through android keyboard or any other keyboard and they will appear on PC. Saves lot of time and ease of typing.

    PC Screen Sharing

    Users can see PC screens on their android devices so they can easily use mouse and keyboard remote for effective working. Users can also take screen shots of PC screens.

    File Explorer

    Delete, move and replace files in PC hard disk to manage spaces of drives using PC Remote Control surely you will love it.

    Media Controls

    Control any media player including Window Media Player, ITunes, VLC etc on PC through mobile device.

    PowerPoint Presentations

    Create and manage PowerPoint presentations on PCs. This is very helpful especially during slides presentation. Users can simply change slides on their mobiles without going to their PC’s.

    Secure connection

    Connection between computer and mobile devices are secured by passwords. So, no one can connect to PC automatically and hack some important stuff.

    Shortcuts Control

    Shortcuts are there for quickly editing documents, fast browsing and searching files in PC. Save lot of time of users.

    Browser Remote

    Control chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others through PC Remote controller on PC’s.

    Setup Guide:

    1. Install app on device.

    2. Download and install PC Remote Server on your computer from or

    3. Install it on PC

    4. Open the Server

    5. Open app and press on connections

    6. Create a new connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)

    7. Setup a name of connection

    8. Enter a password which is set by default “Remote”. If you want to change it you can change it through server properties in PC.

    9. Depends on type of connection. If Wi-Fi enters IP address in IP field you can get the same from properties of server or even clicking on server in taskbar. Same for Bluetooth but for that enter Bluetooth address instead of IP.

    10. Save your connection

    11. Long press connection and select Use

    12. All set!! Now explore and use any feature of PC Remote Control

    Surely PC Remote Control is very productive application for users. Enjoy the application!


    Connection Disabled or Server Not Found

    Recheck the IP address in connection portion and if not found please enter the IP address

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    If you face any issue while connecting PC Remote Control with your computer simple contact us

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