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    Peace QUR'AN - MP3, MP4, Read

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    Peace QUR'AN is the name of our application software. It is an Islamic app consisting of 12 different modules. The Holy QUR'AN can be found in different formats in Module 1 (original text), Module 5 (MP3 Audio), Module 6 (MP4 Video) and Module 7 (Read Quran Collectively Program). The name Peace QUR'AN is only used to identify this software application with 12 modules and not to be construed as another version of Al-QUR'AN. We preserve the Holy QUR'AN in its original form, rendering it in different formats as mentioned above with integrity to the best of our ability. The 12 modules are described below:-

    1- Qur'an
    This module contains whole Quran in Arabic as well as other languages i.e. Urdu, Indonesian, Malay etc. Also it has English translations of different Islamic scholars.

    2- Hadees (x2)
    This module consist of two famous Hadess books Sahi-Bukhari and Sahi-Muslim.

    3- Qiblah Compass
    Qiblah compass helps you to find the Qiblah direction anywhere in the world.

    4- Adhan
    This feature helps you to know the Adhan timings in your area (anywhere in the world) and plays Adhan at Adhan time.

    5- Read Quran collectively program - where anybody from around the world can select a Juzu' online, download and read it @ his own time and achieve collective Khatam QUR'AN with other particpants.

    6- MP3
    Using this feature you can listen to the whole Quran Surah by Surah.

    7- MP4
    First ever MP4 in the world, you can read as well as listen to the whole Quran.

    8- Calendar (x2)
    Hijra and Gregorian calendar inclusive of Hijra and Gregorian holidays.

    9- Live broadcast streaming
    Via Live Broadcast streaming, you can watch and listen to our beloved Shaykh online.

    10- Qurban
    You can place your Qurban order via this feature.

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