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    Published: 2016-10-27, by .

    Sign up, apply to be a co-host, post, and chat away

    • Clean white intuitive UI
    • Very easy to set-up
    • Good commuinity of active users
    • Speedy
    • Nothing truly new here
    • Not very easy to post

    "Tell your story"


    There’s a fact in this world as large as ours: everyone has a story to tell. In Pepo, you’re able to meet new people and tell your own story. After signing up with your profile name and (thankfully) optional Facebook login, you’re able to discover new subpages, each with their own posts, like Tech News Now, National Parks of America, and more. To post in a subpage, you’ll have to apply to be a co-host. Then, you can chat, post, like, and check out other co-hosts and users.


    Pepo features a clean white intuitive interface, making it easy to check out and apply to be a co-host. There’s a good community of active users. Also, it’s actually quite speedy, unlike Facebook’s app, which lags a whole lot.


    There’s nothing truly new here to check out in Pepo to make it stand out in an already crowded social networking market. To post, you’ll have to wait to co-host.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Oct 27, 2016


    New in Pepo 2.0:

    -Every Pepo member gets a personalized Pepo Insider feed with insider tips, Q&A, and experiences based on your interests.
    -As you use Pepo, the app learns what you like -- and suggests what you might like -- and your Pepo feed gets more and more personalized.
    -My Activity presents a feed of all the posts you have interacted with.
    -Streamlined navigation

    Q: What’s the purpose of Pepo?
    A: Get insider tips on Travel, Foodie, Adventure, Luxury, Holiday - direct from the locals. Meet and connect with people who share your passions.

    Q: Who is using Pepo?
    A: Every day, thousands of people use Pepo to share experiences, provide insider tips and perspectives, build reputation, organize groups, and meet new people.

    Q: What can I do on Pepo?
    A: Get insider tips, direct from the locals. Your Pepo feed presents a stream of tips and experiences we think you might like based on the people you follow, channels you join, and topics you are interested in.

    You can join and create Pepo Channels on any topic. Each Pepo Channel is a live messaging community connecting you with insiders and fellow enthusiasts. Share insider tips, experiences and stories, post photos and videos, ask questions, get advice, meet people.

    Q: What can I post and share on Pepo?
    A: Photos, videos, live videos, text, links , Q&A — pretty much anything.

    Q: Does Pepo have photo effects and filters?
    A: Yes! We have hundreds of free photo effects and filters.

    Q: Can I host my own Pepo Channel?
    A: Absolutely! Pepo members create hundreds of new Pepo Channels every week.

    Q: How many Pepo Channels can I create or join?
    A: You can join & create as many Pepo’s channels as you wish, for free, on anything you like.

    Q: How does Pepo know what I’m interested in?
    A: Every Pepo member identifies up to 6 interests and expertise, and a location. Pepo then matches you to stuff we think you’ll find interesting. It works really well!

    Q: Are Pepo Channels all Public?
    A: On Pepo you can create public, private, or secret channels. You decide who can view your channel and who can join!

    Q: Does Pepo offer moderation tools for Channel Hosts?
    A: Yes! Pepo has the most complete set of live conversation hosting tools available anywhere. You can decide who can see your channels, who can post, and who can ask questions to the hosts.

    Q: Can I follow people on Pepo? Can people find and follow me?
    A: Yes! There are tens of thousands of interesting people to follow on Pepo already. Search for people by location or topic. Join their stories and learn from their experiences. Ask questions. Share your own tips and advice.

    Q: How do I talk to people on Pepo?
    A: A few different ways. You can react or comment on a post. Or, you can share a new post. You can also send free secret messages to people who follow you. If you want you can also allow people to message you without following them by adjusting your profile settings.

    Q: What kind of stuff are people talking about on Pepo right now?
    A: Food, travel, sports, fitness, fashion, gay and lesbian, interior design -- you name it. If people are passionate about it, it’s on Pepo.

    Q: Do all Pepo Channels look the same?
    A: No! You can totally customize your Pepo Channel appearance. Choose a cover image that suits you!

    Q: How will people find my Pepo Channel?
    A: Tag your channel. Pepo is full of passionate communities of people who are constantly searching through tags for new channels and posts about stuff they love. Your stuff could be that stuff.

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