Per Diem Budget




    Does that dream vacation or goal keep hovering in the distance like a carrot in front of a donkey? Ever curse yourself when you consistently failed to stay on a budget?

    You are not the problem. Your budgeting strategy IS!

    Introducing the Per Diem Budget. Using this budget you will have clear visibility into your finances and how you spend and save. You will have the flexibility to change how you spend mid-month. Want to grab a beer or wine with a friend and your "Entertainment Bucket" is already maxed? Not a problem with Per Diem Budgeting.

    This strategy is dirt simple. That's why it works. Add up your fixed expenses like Rent, Utilities, Cell Phone, Groceries, etc. Add in savings and debt payments. Take what's left and divide by the number of days in the month. That is your "Per Diem Target". This App allows you to have a rolling balance based on your target. Spend less and the remainder rolls over to the next day. Spend more and it will show you that there is less to spend tomorrow. Ultimate flexibility. Complete clarity into how much you really have available to you.

    You will probably find that you actually have more to spend than what you experience on other budgeting strategies. You will end up buying what is really important to you and simply avoiding what is not.

    Expect to save 10% of your current monthly spending. If you spend $5000/month, that's an extra $500 / month in your pocket to spend however you like.

    Good luck in your financial goals. You'll have it!

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