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    Periodic Table Chemistry Quiz is the fun way for school students or anyone looking for a chemistry tutor to teach them how to read the periodic table of elements and understand subatomic structure. This educational atomic quiz covers everything from basics like names of chemical elements to more advanced topics like cations and anion electron configuration. A complete periodic table of elements is also included, both to make studying easier and to act as a handy subatomic particle reference.

    Your journey to understanding starts with simple questions identifying chemical elements. But from here you can choose which areas to focus on, with levels covering subatomic structure, identifying more complicated chemical elements and ion electron configuration as well as a grand combined chemistry test. Better performances in your chemistry quiz will earn you stars as well as coins which you can use to unlock more game modes and tougher levels. Figure out how you can use atomic weight and atomic number to determine the subatomic structure of a chemical element.

    The included periodic table of the elements is the perfect chemistry helper, allowing you to look up and memorize the subatomic particle before taking on the challenge. But it also allows this app to serve as a quick reference for a higher level chemistry tutor or professional. They can use it to see at a glance the proton, electron, neutrons, atomic number and atomic weight numbers of any chemical elements. Unlike many other periodic table of elements apps, both landscape and portrait orientations are available for the chemistry tutor on the go. The combination of the chemistry test and periodic table provides the ideal environment for learning about the atomic structure and subatomic particle, then being able to refer to it later as required.

    The rapid-fire nature of this chemistry quiz makes it a handy chemistry helper for last-minute cramming before a chemistry test, or to quickly improve your memory of chemical elements. But this chemistry quiz doesn't skimp on the details, with all major subatomic particles (proton, electron and neutrons) covered using a combination of atomic number, chemical element, atomic weight and chemical element type given to help you along the way. Advanced questions test your ion knowledge, with ion (cations and anion) versions of atoms included, and questions which test your understanding of their proton, electron and neutrons.

    Do you know the relationship atomic number has with proton and electrons? How about finding proton and neutron numbers from atomic weight? Can you tell what impact a cation or anion have on the subatomic particle? If you'd like to strengthen your existing understanding before a chemistry test, or learn about these concepts for the first time, Periodic Table Chemistry Quiz is the best chemistry tutor you can get.

    Features include:
    - Determine the number of subatomic particles (proton, electron, neutrons) present in a particular chemical element
    - The chemical element may have one or multiple details obscured (atomic number, atomic weight, chemical element)
    - Both uncharged chemical elements and ion (cations, anion) types included
    - Earn stars and coins which can be used to unlock more levels or more game modes
    - Challenge your best scores on each chemistry test
    - Complete periodic table of elements included to aid the chemistry tutor or science professional
    - 14 different levels of questions included in this wide ranging chemistry helper
    - Learn the subatomic structure (protons, electrons, neutrons) in a fun, engaging way
    - Continually being improved, to make it the best chemistry quiz and periodic table of elements available
    - Questions range from simple atom identification, through medium subatomic particle calculations to advanced ion (cations and anion) subatomic structure
    This app is supported through ads and through the in-app purchase of additional coins. All content can be unlocked without purchase.

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