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    This state of the art Pesach Digest Application integrates the clarity of the Pesach Digest with the ease of modern technology. Now, the world renowned Pesach Digest can be at your fingertips for an easy in-app purchase of just $6.99 a year.

    The Pesach Digest App is a searchable database of products listed in The Pesach Digest Book. The information is divided by category, and ordered by subcategory. In addition to the categories found in the book, a category for kashering and baby products is also included in the App. The App is ideal to use while shopping for Pesach or cleaning out your cabinets. Fast and convenient, the Pesach Digest App will make your Pesach preparations a breeze.

    The Pesach Digest started off as a small pamphlet, written by Rabbi Blumenkrantz, to educate people about the products they can use on Pesach. Each year, the pamphlet grew, until the small pamphlet became a full book. The Pesach Digest contains everything you need to know to make Pesach, and more. Thousands of foods, products, and medications were researched to create a database that informs you of which products can be used on Pesach, and which ones are not allowed. Each year a new book is released with up-to-date research on product information. Essentially, The Pesach Digest is all you need to make Pesach.

    Helping your family make Pesach since 1975,
    Rabbi Blumenkrantz's sons bring you the only one of its kind - The Pesach Digest App.

    Note: The new database costs $6.99 each year. You are able to keep the app installed and use the previous year's database. Please email us with any questions,

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