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    Phishing is a real threat. At the time of this writing there are over 26000 active phishing pages lurking on the Internet. Phishing Detective was created to help you to identify if a link in your e-mail might send you to a Phishing page. Just enter a small part of the url (domain name or significant string) and search against the huge database of Phishing sites. Also, this tool allows you to view all companies targeted by Phishing scam. The database is up to date and only active and verified phishings are present.


    - integration with Android OS - check url before proceeding to real site( from email, facebook, twiter and so on) - this feature will NOT work if a deafault browser is set on your Android device!;
    - search for phishings site by part of the url;
    - present all targeted banks or companies and the number of actual phishings per target;
    - view phishings by target;
    - search phishings by the target;
    - view details of the phishing page including a screenshot for easy identification( available only in Pro version);
    - call IP info Detective software to perform a lookup of the selected Phishing url and investigate further using the looked up IP address ( please see IP info Detective for more information);
    - other details like the date and time when a phishing activity was reported and verified.

    This tool may be also used only for your information. Is a good thing to be aware of this kind of activity in order to keep you safe.
    Also by monitoring a specific bank or company for becoming a Phishing target may help you to prevent and warn clients or employees about the issue. And so on...

    In the mean time,
    Be vigilant and stay safe!

    P.S. many thanks goes to PhishTank
    This application uses PhishTank APi

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