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    Published: 2018-02-14, by .

    Property photo inspections assistant

    • Polished and efficient design
    • Auto backup and simple photo editor
    • Very useful official site
    • Templates are not very customizable

    "Easing the job"


    Wellcome to a modern business solution for property photo inspections and assignments. Photo id - Photo Inspection Documentation by U Scope provides a camera report focused app to simplify your job. Even though it seems ideal for inspectors, it can also be used by owners to document a claim.

    It features a lot of interesting functions to create a complete report of your inspection. The app allows you to capture, label, and edit pictures instantly and directly on your phone or tablet. All the information will be automatically backed up and safely stored in the cloud. Do not lose any data and maintain it reachable everywhere!


    Polished and beautiful design. The interface is easy to navigate and intuitive. You will master this app effortlessly because it is conceived to assist you through all the process. Photo editing is a plus so you can make sure everything you need is visible in the picture.


    The templates are a brilliant guide for compiling important information, but as a mere suggestion, it would be interesting to have more customizing settings. Also, at the moment is only available for Android so iOS users will have to wait a little bit more.

    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Feb 14, 2018


    U Scope Technologies is proud to introduce to the world, “PHOTO iD,” our first ground-breaking product that enables users to capture, quickly edit, and organize images to create an instant photo report of residential and commercial property inspections.
    PHOTO iD guarantees the user streamlined collection and editing process that eliminates the tedious task of labeling countless raw images from your keyboard while completing a photo inspection report. Users will have the ability to capture and label images instantly with a single touch thereby allowing a more streamline inspection experience. Our product is designed to usher in a new era in data collection by utilizing modern technology, thus eliminating the laborious processes relied upon currently in the industry.
    With PHOTO iD, users can capture still images of damaged and/or undamaged building structures with speed and ease. Imagine the countless hours you’ll save by skipping the photo labeling process while writing your final inspection report. Now, imagine the many hours you’ll reclaim for leisure to spend with your loved ones, or for business to close more claims, thereby increasing your bottom line.


    UCLOUD: Securely backs up and saves all your valuable images instantly with just one click. This pivotal feature also acts as virtual storage, thus saving valuable space on the user’s computer hard drive and allowing users to access the inspection data from any dedicated device.
    PHOTO REMINDER: The Photo Reminder feature, located in the Settings, allows the user to receive a custom notification alert to capture all necessary images prior to leaving an inspection site.
    NEW ASSIGNMENT ALERTS: This feature allows the user to receive notifications of new assignments and instantly access the assignments after they have been imported into the user’s account from their dedicated email for a quicker claim response
    GROUP PHOTO EDITING: Seamlessly group common images to add or modify labeled descriptions. This feature also allows the user to re-arrange images or to move them to a different room/structure category.
    PHOTO REPORT: Instantly produce a photo report after each inspection to either send to another authorized party or to attach to a final inspection report.
    TRENDING: Stay current with the latest and greatest gadgets, inspection tools and future technological trends on our Industry Trending Feed. The Trending Feed in our App, is designed to not only educate and assist the user in locating other compatible products that can be used simultaneously with our app, but to also keep our users current on emerging trends in the industry.

    U SCOPE Technologies understands the many risks associated with property inspection. In addition to inspecting property damage at dangerous altitudes, the environments are generally hazardous for a property inspector. Injuries and even death are unfortunate occurrences in this line of work and this is why U SCOPE always evaluates the safety of our products. We take the time to establish the best safety practices for utilizing our products as we continue to create new and innovative ways to assist you in the field. We stand by our products safety and implore our users to use safety harnesses not only for their mobile devices, but also for their personal safety, when using a product like Photo iD, while inspecting in hazardous conditions.

    Our mission is to deliver optimal software solutions to help our clients improve their business profitability by not only creating faster, smarter and more efficient tools and equipment, but also utilizing innovative technology to attract users of all generations, especially millennials. Our team at U Scope Technologies strives to bring you fresh and state-of-the-art solutions to improve everyday work tasks, which is why our slogan is “Assisting You Every Inch of the Way”.

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