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    The ideal photography tool at home and while travelling!
    Photoxor Toolkit provides a rich photography toolset for photographers at all levels. Beginners use this tool to better understand how exposure, aperture, exposure time, film sensitivity (ISO) and depth of field depend on each other. The advanced photographer may calculate camera settings for filter stacks, plan a photo shoot considering Golden or Blue Hour, sun and moon directions, time-lapse video.

    While preparing for your journey, store lists of places of interest. While travelling use them to find the closest photo hotspot, and with one click switch on the navigation. Use GPS Tracking to record where you go and guide the geocoding of photos you take.

    The start screen holds user configurable icons to quickly access your favourite functions.

    Photoxor Toolkit is a universal toolbox for:
    - a wide range of photography calculations
    - GPS location tracking
    - load your favorite photo hotspots, show them on map, find places currently closest to you, get direction
    - ephemeris, sun and moon calculations
    - calculation and reminders for twilight (golden hour, blue hour, ..)
    - lightmeter (local and distributed)
    - compass
    - long exposure timer
    - torch function
    - time-lapse calculations

    A Widget for quick access to some key functions is also provided.

    Please also visit the Photoxor Blog for more information.

    To receive early access to new features and fixes, for Beta testing please join at

    A number of in-app purchases are available to further extend capabilities:
    - Advertisement free: Get more screen space by removing the advertisement banner.
    - High Precision: An essential feature for serious photographers! Get your calculation outputs (depth of field, field of view) in high precision - configure between 2 and 8 significant digits results.
    - Filter Pro: Define multiple stacked (neutral density) filters and calculate the resulting effect.
    - Tracking Pro: Get unlimited tracking capability. The time limit for audio recordings is removed, and there is also no limit to the duration of a logging session.
    - Flash Pro: Configure complex guide profile for zoom flash units, or when using light modifiers (such as diffusion dome).
    - Timelapse Pro: Extended functionality for time-lapse calculations.
    - Lightsensor Pro: Extended functionality for remote lightsensor measurements.
    - Power Pack: All 7 extensions in one.

    To utilise the wide range of features, a number of permissions are required:
    To use the flash LED as a torch light
    Take pictures during location tracking
    Camera based lightmeter

    Audio recording during location tracking

    Store / load configurations (time-lapse scenarios, frame rates)
    Store / load the logged tracking path
    Store audio recording and photos

    Location tracking
    'Current' location for Ephemeris calculation
    Distance calculation for Places

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