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    Published: 2016-02-05, by .

    Quick, easy mini-animations with your camera to share

    • Unique concept
    • Tool works great
    • Quick, clear tutorial
    • Lightweight
    • Legitimately fun
    • Must link to Facebook to share creations
    • Auto-subscription to many feeds
    • No editing tools

    "Animate the world"


    Okay, Phrames 3D camera photo selfie was way more entertaining than I expected it to be. The concept isn't the easiest one to describe: a "phrame" is a very short capture from your smartphone camera, anywhere between 1 and maybe 5-10 seconds long. It's not exactly a video - the camera instead grabs many still frames, then smushes them together to make a miniature animation, similar to a GIF. Then when you share it, swiping your finger back and forth over the image causes the images to cycle forwards and backwards. Sounds odd, and is unusual - but in a really good way. Try Phrames for yourself and I bet you'll quickly get creative about different ways you can make mini-animations, from showing off your pets doing something cute, to pulling ridiculous faces for the camera, to sharing beautiful 360 degree views of a sunset.

    There are some UX issues with the app itself, but the concept is really cool and works great. It's a free app, so you might as well download it and try it out to see what you come up with!


    As far as I know, the concept is unique. Phrames are more engaging than still photos and more interactive than GIFs. I had a ton of fun testing the app and sending weird faces to my friends within minutes.

    The tool is super easy to use, and there's even a very short tutorial consisting of pop-ups that tell you exactly what to press.

    The app is fairly lightweight, so you don't need a heavy-duty device to make Phrames work for you.


    There are a couple specific things I'd improve about the UX of Phrames. One big thing is that if you want to share your creations anywhere outside of the Phrames app, you must sign in using Facebook. For people like me who don't like to link their Facebook to anything else, an option to use a Google login or - even better - to establish a unique login for Phrames would be really useful. Regardless, it doesn't make sense that you'd have to connect to Facebook just to be able to share your Phrames via email or a messaging app.

    Phrames automatically signs you up to follow a bunch of pre-established channels, like "Fun" and "Animals." It would be better if it asked you to select which ones you were actually interested in upon opening the app for the first time - that would offer a more personalized experience, plus you wouldn't get so many push notifications for feeds that don't hold any interest for you.

    The editing tool doesn't let you do anything but rotate the frames of your animation; I would personally love to see a very simple tool akin to Snapchat that lets you draw on the pictures with basic colors. That would open up a whole new world of creative possibility.

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    Feb 05, 2016


    Phrames is a new camera app to record and share a sequence of pictures and you can view them like a video or a GIF swiping it with your finger!

    With Phrames is easy to capture a 3D scene or a panorama and share on Facebook, Twitter, Watshapp, Pinterest and many others, with your friends!

    Phrames allows you to record and interact with the best moments around you!

    --- " Phrames: live pictures, it is the end of the GIFs "

    --- "Phrames are more engaging than still photos and more interactive than GIFs"

    --- "Phrames is an application that will make special the ways to take photos"
    Iphone Italia

    A phrame is neither a photo nor a video, is something more: it's a brand new media format. It's a touchable GIF that you can play back and forth with your finger!

    With Phrames you can take amazing 3D selfie with your friends, delicious gourmet meals, 360° panoramas in dream places, pets, stop motions, time lapses, live photos, etc...

    To watch a phrame you should simply slide your finger to send it back and forth! Only with Phrames you can enjoy every single frames!

    Using Phrames you can create and edit your phrames, watch them in your gallery or share them with your family, your friends or the whole world with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Messenger and more...

    Try Phrames and if you like it, join our community using the Facebook login.

    You can find the most beautiful and most popular phrames, add a like and comment them, follow their creators!

    If you have any problems please contact us to we will reply you as soon as possible.

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