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    Pic effects is an effective photo editor with some stunning photo effects and various photo editing options.

    Apply different photo effects like Bokeh effects, Grunge effects, vintage effects to give your pic, an appealing look like never before using this photo editor.

    Also, explore various photo editing options like cropping an image, rotating and flipping an image, and giving a colour and setting the thickness for the photo border.

    Want to apply some breath taking photo effects and photo filters to your pic? Then pic effects is the ultimate photo editor app to do so.

    Features of pic effects

    1. Pic selection
    Take a snap using the camera option or select a pic from the gallery using this pic editor.

    2. Photo cropping
    Crop the image using the custom option or select different photo cropping ratio options using this pic editor.

    3. Image position adjustment
    Rotate the image clockwise as well as anticlockwise. Also, flip the image both horizontally as well as vertically, using this photo editor.

    4. Photo effects
    Apply different pic effects or photo filters like gray, hue, bright, emboss, shadow, vignette and so much more, using this photo editor.

    5. Vintage
    Choose your favourite vintage photo effects or photo filters with different blend of colours, using this image editor.

    6. Overlay
    Use the overlay option, to apply different bokeh effects using this image editor.

    7. Grunge
    Use different grunge photo effects to give your pic, a special look, using this image editor.

    8. Border
    Give a color to your photo border, and also adjust the border for thickness, using this image editor.

    9. Reset
    Reset all the changes, you have made to the original image, using this image editor.

    10. Share
    Share the photo through various platforms like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and so much more, using this pic editor.

    11. Save
    Save the image to the photo gallery using this pic editor.

    Pic effects is the best photo editor app for photo effects and photo filters. Download this top pic editor app and apply some amazing photo effects and photo filters to the image, all for free.

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