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Picardie, France Map

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    Picardie, France Map

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    Picardie, France map application provides you with vecrot offline maps for Picardie, France with features such as searching and ROUTING without the need of an internet connection.

    It's Vector World Co that developed this offline vector map app for you.

    Why Offline maps?
    It allows you to extend your battery life and lets you save from paying expensive roaming charges when traveling.

    Why TRUE offline maps? Because it is the only application for the mobile device that will allow you to have:

    - offline routing Picardie, France without the need to be connected to the internet.
    - offline places of interest (POI) for Picardie, France - You don't need to buy additional packages to get POI, everything is there when you download it.
    - offline search: search for street names and places (house numbers coming soon) in Picardie, France.

    Some core features:
    - Pinpoint your location on the map with a tap of a button.
    - Use the digital compass and rotate to match the direction you're facing*.
    - Turn off location services to reserve battery if you don't need them.
    - Search offline for a location.

    * Your device must have a digital compass built in in order for this feature to be available.

    2014 (c). Vector World Co.

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