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Piedmont Dash 8 Weight & Bal.

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    Looking to simplify your life while out on the line? Check out this App made and tested by one of Piedmont's own FO's. This app will calculate the Weight and Balance of the 100/300.

    Gives errors and warnings if a compartment is overloaded or weight limit is exceeded.

    This app automatically figures how many people and carry on bags you can add without additional input. Now you can easily say yes, or no, and how many.

    Simple and lightweight.

    Saves aircraft data (top half of the form) for those times you don't have to swap.

    Note: The Wiz Wheel is the only acceptable method for computing CG, therefore, the CG Index is for reference only. If it shows up highlighted in red, your CG may be out of range, check it against the Wiz Wheel.

    This app has been tested successfully on a few different phones. It does work on tablets but the fields don't look pretty.

    Android users are left out no longer!

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