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    -Featured on the iTunes Korea Home Page
    -Featured on the iTunes Korea Kids > Best for Ages 5
    -Featured on the iTunes Korea Interactive kids stories

    -2012 Won in Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Books category)
    -2012 Won "Grand Prize"in Smart App Awards 2012 (Children's Education)
    -2012 Won “First Prize” in Econovation Award at the KT App Creation Contest
    -2012 Won “Excellence Award” in the Seoul Character Promotion and Pitching Contest
    Book department of App store in North America: book 3 ranked 4th (2012. 12)
    Book department of App store in Japan: book 1 ranked 9th, book 2 ranked 11th, and book 3 ranked 12th (2012. 12)
    Book department of App store in China: book 1 ranked 13th, book 2 ranked 19th, and book 3 ranked 17th (2012. 12)
    Book department of App store in Korea: book 1 ranked 3rd, book 2 ranked 5th, and book 3 ranked 6th (2012. 12)
    Ranked 6th overall at Podgate and 1st in book department (2012. 12)
    Charts at the App store of N Store: book 2 ranked 3rd (2012. 12)
    Selected as Today’s Featured Apps of Appheroes: book 3 (2012. 12)
    2012 Selected as pilot support project for Animation pre-production by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
    -2012 Selected as overseas marketing support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
    2012 Selected as translation support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
    2011 Selected as support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
    2011 Finalist in the SPP Competition-

    Pilo series, real-time 3D Story books
    3D animation app book, emotion as warm as parents' love
    Language education: English/Chinese/Korean recorded by professional native dubbing artists

    Pilo is smart content that is a pure original creation in Korea.
    Experience an amazing world of imagination and Pilo, a warm pillow doll, in your dream every night.
    3D animations of friends in the dream world and interactive effects suitable for various stories will provide the whole family with pleasant memories.
    Major functions

    Listening in Korean/English/Chinese: You can listen to the Pilo story in Korean/English/Chinese recorded by professional dubbing artists, while watching animations.

    Choice of characters: You can choose the main character that you want, either a boy (Tommy) or a girl (Sunny).

    Decoration of Pilo: When you choose and change the clothes of Pilo as you want, then it will be applied. If you touch Pilo, there will be character interactions.

    Interactions: Scene after scene, funny and wonderful interactive effects will increase interest in reading.

    Matching the key (Please match the shadow shaped like the picture to open the door. If it matches, the door will be opened.)
    Slicing fruits (Will Pilo be able to slice fruits well, like Futi?)
    Playing the drum (Let’s practice the drum, which Pilo learned from Tommy.)
    Making a cake (Let's make Toto's birthday cake together. You can make the shape of the cake you want by moving pieces.)
    Making a train (Let’s make a train with Pilo’s magic stars. Please touch the train-like shadow on the bottom of the screen.)
    Traveling by train (We will travel to the moon land where Toto lives together with friends. If you touch the train, it will jump and get a star.)

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