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    Pixmarx the Spot is a whole new way to photo brag and share photos on social media. Pixmarx the Spot adds location-based frames around your pictures showing a venue’s name and location right on the photo!

    Now you and your friends can see where the picture was taken right on the the picture itself!

    Choose from millions of places and locations.

    Pixmarx the Spot also has several seasonal and life event Pixmarx so that you can commemorate special occasions such as birthdays and graduations.

    Pixmarx the Spot is FREE and easy to use. Simply choose a Pixmarx based on your location, snap a picture and share - it’s that simple.

    Pixmarx the Spot ensures the best picture with ViewMarx technology which allows you to see the Pixmarx in the view finder BEFORE you snap the picture!

    You can even add artistic filters to the picture without filtering the Pixmarx with our exclusive BackFilter technology.

    Places and Occasions to use Pixmarx the Spot:

    Favorite Restaurants & Bars
    Highschool & College Graduations
    Birth of a Child
    Special Events
    Clothing Stores
    Water Parks
    National Forests
    Photo Booths

    Share your Pixmarx photos on:

    You can even send your Pixmarx photos to any Walgreens for professional prints. Pixmarx the Spot will even locate the closest Walgreens!

    Use Pixmarx the Spot to Promote Your Business!

    Custom Pixmarx for Businesses

    Pixmarx the Spot can even make custom Pixmarx for your business with your logo, company colors and message!

    Also set up to 3 custom hash tags (#) for each custom Pixmarx!

    For pricing please visit:

    Use Pixmarx the Spot at Your Wedding!

    We can create a location-based Pixmarx with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date so that everyone at the wedding can take pictures with your Pixmarx frame! (app and iPhone or iPad required).

    For pricing please visit:

    Also set up to 3 custom hash tags (#) for each custom Pixmarx!

    Use Pixmarx the Spot for Your Public or Private 501(c)(3) Event for FREE!

    We will load your event logo and message in our GPS database for FREE so that users can post photos with your branded message.

    For public events:

    Also set up to 3 custom hash tags (#) for each custom Pixmarx!

    All CUSTOM PIXMARX can have up to 3 CUSTOM HASH TAGS (#) associated with each Pixmarx! Great for promotions or gathering posts in a single location.

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