Play and sound!4 - for child




    This is our 4th tapping game as zoo that making funny sounds when children tap animals.
    Completely free of charge.
    It is an application that baby stop crying in the educational game full of fun.

    - include following 3 stages -
    Savannah stage
    It is a stage in the motif of the African savannah. Let's interaction with animals that live in the wild.
    Chimpanzee, giraffe, elephant, horse, gorilla, lion

    animal stage of sea
    It is the animals that live in the sea. Cute animal is full! Let's enjoy the cry that you hear for the first time.
    Dolphins, whales, seals, fur seals, penguins, killer whales

    ranch stage
    Animals that live on earth is spacious. Animal from the popularity of small children is high Gotham!
    Cat, chicken, goat, dog, rabbit, pig

    - to play with children, kids and baby
    - making children, kids and baby stop to cry
    - kindergarten teacher can use for their students

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