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    - Poker Expert is an easy-to-use poker results tracking app that is available both the major mobile platforms.
    - The Import function in Poker Expert currently supports importing data from Poker Journal, Poker Income, Poker Track Pro, Statking for PC and spreadsheets. Allows you to easily import your poker data from one mobile OS to another.
    - Easily keep track of your cash game and tournament sessions. Poker Expert has a Timed Session feature to keep track of the session as you play.
    - Classify your sessions, games and locations based on Trip/Series, Game Type, Limit Type, Stake, Location Type, Tourney Type.
    - Use the session, game and location classifications to sort and select sessions for reports in dozens of different configurations.
    - Graph - shows your results graph, longest plateau, biggest downswing.
    - Summary - several pages of summaries including win rate, standard deviation, COV, Risk of Ruin, probability of being a winning player, probability of winning at a target hourly rate, best/worst day/month/year, streaks, and more.
    - Poker Expert has a versatile reporting system that can filter and breakdown session information using a wide range of criteria. Reports can be grouped by year, month, day of the week, game, location, game type and more. Also has a two level grouping that allows a primary grouping and a secondary grouping.
    - App is pre-installed with 5 predefined reports: All, Current Year, Previous Year, Current Month and Previous month. Easily create new reports or modify existing ones to suit our personal needs.
    - Easily export and import your database from one device to another - irrespective of mobile OS.
    - Help files provide assistance on getting started, app overview, importing data, creating custom reports and overview of statistical terms and theory.

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