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    potty training book in 3 days: Is It Possible?
    I'm sure you have come across potty training methods that promise to potty train your child in 3 days. But you wonder if such methods are just gimmicks. Same here! When I started potty training book for toddlers my daughter, she was such a hard case. I started looking into all of these methods, programs, and books. I was so desperate and wanted a quick fix. "Only 3 days!" I thought... that's awesome!

    But which program or book do I choose? There are so many out there that promise different things. They all differ in how they approach potty training book for toddlers. My daughter was so scared of the potty, and stubborn at the same time. So I had to find a program that was going to consider her temperament and fears. So I decided to do what any good blogger would do. I decided to review some of these popular programs. For myself, and my're welcome!

    First let's answer the question, "Can I potty train my child in 3 days?"

    Well that depends on how you define potty train. If you mean that your child will be completely accident free after 3 days, then the answer is NO. And any program that promises you that, you should definitely stay away from. Your child will have accidents and that is completely normal.

    If you think that your child will be diaper free at nighttime after only 3 days, then the answer is also a resounding NO! Being able to hold urine in during the night is a developmental thing. Your child's bladder has to signal the brain and wake her up. That is something that happens with age. This is not something you can train or control. Sure a few lucky parents will take away diapers during the day, and their child will stay dry at night too. But those are a lucky few, and usually the ones that start potty training book for toddlers late, meaning the child has already achieved that physiological development.

    Now if you define potty training as your child being able to control pee or poop and let it go in potty or toilet. You expect a few accidents here and there, and you don't think night-time control is a prerequisite. Then YES, it is possible to potty train in 3 days.

    Now let's talk about the different methods and programs out there.

    Keep in mind that they all have pretty much the same concept. Which is that you get rid of diapers, devote yourself to at least 3 days of stay at home potty training book for toddlers, and not use pull-ups to sabotage the process. So I will discuss the main differences between them.

    Start Potty Training is a popular online training program which facilitates parents to help their children learn how to use potty easily.

    The training program allows them to access video presentations in which unique, easy and quick ways are shown to train little ones.

    Parents also learn about some of the myths which make potty training book process even more difficult; therefore, it is really important to learn about such misleading myths.

    If you are interested to take part in this program, 3-day training will be good enough for you to train your little ones about how to use potty and they will quickly manage it.

    The program is available in audio, video and readable versions for the convenience

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