Potty Training Tips and Info




    One thing is for sure, You will missing many things once your baby grows up, but changing dirty diapers probably won't be one of them.

    Still, it doesn't pay to be in a hurry: Teaching your son how to use the potty will require time and patience on your part, and a reasonable degree of cooperation and motivation from your son.

    This app guides parents through the whole process. It will give you information on when to start Potty Training, no matter if it’s a Boy, a Girl or multiple Toddlers. The app also provides a wonderful solution which helps toddler remember to use potty chair when he/she needs.

    Those are the Topics which are covered in this App
    - when to start?
    - potty train boys
    - potty train girls
    - potty train multiple toddlers
    - pants
    - bed wetting
    - potty train while traveling
    - tips when child regresses
    - tips for choosing kids throne
    - maintaining good hygiene after potty training
    - avoid parents mistake during potty training
    - 5 must ask questions
    - potty train special child
    - tutorial videos

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