PowerScribe 360 Radiologist




    PowerScribe 360 Mobile Radiologist enables medical imaging professionals to search radiology specific content to assist with a diagnosis and to securely sign, create, or edit reports and addenda in PowerScribe 360 Reporting using speech while on the go.


    * Android 4.x or greater.

    * Internet access through wireless Local Area Network (LAN) connection or phone service provider is required.

    * PowerScribe 360 Reporting v1.5 (or greater) and Mobile Bridge are required to use this application.


    *Create, edit, search and sign: Provides secure access to create, search, edit and sign reports and addenda from the convenience of your mobile device.

    *Notification alerts: Get alerts when a new report is ready for signing.

    *Report Signing Queue: Provides authorized users with secure access to the PowerScribe 360 Reporting signature queue allowing secure review, edit and sign off on reports. Also provides the ability to launch Assisted Diagnosis from any term or phrase in the report.

    *Reporting Worklists: Provides authorized users with secure access to their worklists. Radiologists can view orders and reports that are present in a worklist that they belong to, and then select a participate record to edit securely edit and sign off from their mobile device.

    *Report Creation: Allows authorized users to create new reports for an unreported study from their mobile devices. If a report has already been created and signed off, the user can create an addendum to add to the report.

    *Assisted Diagnosis: Gain quick access to radiology-specific reference materials using their voice. Radiologists can look up medical terminology, find similar cases, access the latest medical research, and read top news stories in imaging. Reference examples include: NLM PubMed, MedPix Images, CHORUS, Yottalook, and more.

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