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    "Prayer Times" (Salah Times) is an over-the-top Android application, which is need of every Muslim. This application is a very special gift to Muslim community on this Holy Month of Ramadhan (رمضان). "Prayer Times" reminds you about prayer timings with beautiful voice of Adhan (Arabic: أَذَان‎) .It keeps on reminding you about different "Prays" (دعائیں) and "Zikr" (ذکر) suggested by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) on right time. You can always check for Qibla (کعبہ) direction with help of compass feature. In short, this application is all about Prayer (Salah/الصلوٰۃ/نماز), reminds you on accurate prayer time in your area, sends important "Prays" and "Zikr" after prayers. The most amazing thing is, you can customize everything in it, to make this application look like your own customized app.
    Distinct Features
    -Beautiful Masjid’s from all over the world on background
    -Prayer times according to all school of thoughts.
    -Adhan (Arabic: أَذَان‎) audio for Fajar and other prayers.
    -Custom audio selection for Prayer reminder.
    -Qibla (کعبہ) direction.
    - Asmaul Husna (اسما اللہ الحسنی) 99 Names of Allah
    -Islamic events in current and upcoming years.
    -Zikr and prays before and after prayer according to Ahadiths.
    -Add multiple locations with GPS/Google Maps or Manually.
    -Asr calculation according to Hanafi (Arabic: حنفي‎) and Shafi'i (Arabic: شافعي‎)

    About Prayer (الصلوٰۃ/نماز)
    Prayer is an important religious action is religion Islam and is assumed to be most important thing after entering into religion Islam. Muslims say their prayers 5 times a day. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) many a times stated to say your prayers on right time, He also suggested a number of "Zikr" and "Prays" to be recalled after each prayer. So, we've done our best to collect all about Prayer (Salah/الصلوٰۃ/نماز) in this single application, to help Muslim community around the world.

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