Price Estimate For Services

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    If you're a small business owner or a freelancer, who wants to send quotes, project bids and estimates for your services while you're on the job, your answer is just clicks away.

    Price Estimate for Services is a feature-packed app that not only helps you to estimate prices for jobs, create business quotes but it also helps you summarize your meeting details. The spreadsheet like intuitive interface allows you to produce quotes in little or no time wherever you may be.


    Price Estimate :
    -Helps you determine a price for services. It works by applying an overhead (indirect cost) rate to the direct labour costs (wages rate plus fringe benefits) incurred on a particular job. You may customize the job names according to your needs.
    -Provides you with an option to add as many as five different jobs.

    Price quote:
    -Offers you with a range of professional templates that caters to different business needs.
    -Taxes and totals are automatically calculated for you. So there's no extra work. Just add your quote items and Price Quote does the rest.
    -Ability to sign the quote and include important notes and customer instructions have been provided.
    -Further, you can also add discounts and its value gets automatically included in the total amount.

    Save and Share
    -Locally save your work as a file, and re-use it with minimal changes.
    -Simply tap e-mail to send your quotes to clients instantly and get feedback from them. Alternatively, you can email them to yourself.
    -Turn your device into a service catalogue.

    Meeting Agenda:
    The meeting agenda sheet helps you prioritise your meeting details by listing the agenda items and sharing it with the attendees and the customers .

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