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    First AIDS manual.

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    Do you want to have on hand and learn a first aid manual?
    Here you have the opportunity with this application to have on your mobile or tablet with Android operating system, a very practical and necessary manual when we meet with victims.
    The main reason for first aid is to alleviate the pain and anxiety of the injured or sick person and to avoid the aggravation of their state of health.
    First aid consists of the immediate attention that is given to an injured or a sick, injured or injured person in the place of events, before being transferred to a medical or hospital center, so it is essential to learn or have a notion of what we could do to save a life while the ambulance arrives.
    Here we offer you a manual with a series of free tips, tools and basic knowledge to deal with emergency situations and know how to act correctly before victims, injured or a sick person.
    You will find free tutorial videos to learn how to assist people with blows, wounds, hemorrhages, fractures, choking, burns, poisonings, stings, bites, sunstrokes, foreign bodies, lipotimies, victims of an accident, etc.
    The First Aid application is a great compilation of tutorial videos about the knowledge of basic prevention in first aid so that you can take it by hand and be prepared for any adversity and emergency. With this free First Aid application you will have the necessary tutorial videos so you can perform first aid, such as some emergency cures.
    You always have to be prepared.

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