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    Dev IT Solutions has come up with a severely disruptive new method of learning. The concept of Print Worksheet offers thousands of ways to enable learning. The application is designed and developed smartly and thoughtfully to incur low operating costs by reducing data usage.

    Get ready to experience an innovative solution to address all teaching – learning challenges. Print Worksheet is bringing about a silent disruption to the existing methods of teaching & learning. Dev IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This is now the new benchmark in enabling learning through android tablets. The thoughtfully designed intuitive interface enables parents to measure growth in their child’s learning / grasping. Print Worksheets enables new metrics and grades based on those metrics for the first time in the history of device based education. Below are a few features of this revolutionary Educational Application. Print Worksheet will bring about a revolution for parents in measuring the growth of their kids in real time.

    Grades: Adapted to the new flat UI, and other tablets device interfaces, the Interactive Worksheet View & Theme based Worksheet Customization feature makes Module Selection, operating the application and understanding grades effortless, and extremely user friendly.

    Worksheet View: You can also take printouts of the worksheet, enabling traditional learning through the application. Parents wishing to give alternative worksheets from the same module can re-generate worksheets as many times as needed. Teachers and Parents can assign different worksheets to different students, which means children with different learning speeds can learn at their individual speeds, while learning from the same teacher. The application assigns a Unique ID/QR Code to each worksheet, making it easy to monitor measure and grade progress post evaluation.

    Worksheet Section (Student): The Student Section contains all relevant information segregated in the most easy to read & understand manner. The layout simplifies comprehension for sections such as Dashboard, Worksheets, Alerts, Analytics and Settings. Moreover, Color coded statuses (Green for Completed, Orange for Upcoming, Red for Pending) on Worksheets allows students to prioritize their message reading sequence.

    Worksheet Management: Print Worksheet offers two modes for user friendliness. The other objective this application achieves is that of offering traditional paper based learning – the more traditionally acceptable method as well as the newer – more popular method of learning – device based learning. The application offers Print Mode to allow users to convert worksheets into PDF files and print them on paper. The Tablet Mode enables learning on a touch screen tablet- something that can entice reluctant learners.

    Print Mode Evaluation: The carefully conceived and developed Admin Section allows users to view analytics for each user independently as well as get a top down view for all users. Parents & Teachers can get evaluation results from the application for answers given by their children and students. Keeping disparate user needs in focus, we have put in Scan QR Code facility for getting evaluation results for each Worksheet individually.

    Analytics: The analytics section provides rich comprehensive analytics for both Tablet as well as Print Modes. You can get Userwise, Gradewise, Modulewise, and Worksheet wise analysis for both Modes. The application provides historical reports and allows users to view reports on Daily, Monthly & Yearly basis. .

    Dashboard Details Section: This section tells you all about how much of a section the student has completed and how much is pending, along with all incomplete Worksheets and Worksheets that are coming up.

    All in all, Print Worksheet is the preeminent & market leading solution for all educational needs of Students, Parents, Teachers and Educational Institutes . Get it today and experience the new trend of imparting education via technology.

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