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    Private browser mode : inprivate browsing & privacy browser is a free private incognito browser ,
    privite browser with all of the private abilities and a privite browser
    private web browser free is the best in the market among with private browser pro
    Free private incognito browser and privite browser make toron a privite browser also and private browsing web browser will make u say Wow Private browser mode

    Private Browser is an incognito/private browser for Android privite browser with video and full screen support. Each time you exit, everything you’ve done in the app will be erased, including history, cookies, and sessions. Private Browser ,Private browser mode is a feature rich browser, and it’s in permanent private mode.

    Private Browser, a fast and light secret browser, enabling you easy access to plenty of interesting online information

    Some great of web explorer features are :
    - It is a light internet browser ( with less than 5mb you don't need to bother about clogging your storage)
    - built in ad blocker ( block annoying ads that slows down web browsing )
    - built for speed
    -Private browser mode
    - free private incognito browser make it easy for you

    Features of the private Internet browser:
    - Cookies and Web Storage are deleted when closing the app (cache too, if desired)
    - Integrated Ad Blocker
    - web explorer
    - This app works as private and as private web browser free too
    - anonymous browser free
    - free private incognito browser
    - privite browser
    - Advanced functions, based on the Lightning Browser
    - provate browser
    - Bookmarks
    - with Private browsing web browser and your phone you are always hidden

    be Secure Browsing: Built in security features protect you from malware and phishing websites.
    Private browser pro
    Use Incognito mode to browser without saving your history. Anonymous browser for android.
    Our browser provides fast downloader function.
    Search engines and an web browser
    It uses Google Voice Search and input search and has a lot of search engines: ask search , Baidu, Google search, Yahoo search ,Duck Duck Go search, 360, Bing and AOL .
    Lightning speeds
    Quick runs on leading Chrome based engine to load web pages rapidly.
    Share web
    You can also share web page to twitter & Evernote & maxthon.

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