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    KIT Scenarist will allow you to have at hand all your screenplays. You can write down ideas, work out dialogues of characters, or describe actions without leaving the hammock. Send the script to the editor by mail during a trip on the subway. And even edit projects at the same time as your co-authors from different parts of the globe.

    • creation of projects on the device and in the cloud service (ability to work with KIT Scenarist's cloud is an additional service);
    • fill basic information about the script (script name, title page, logline, and synopsis);
    • create lists of characters and locations and fill their descriptions;
    • create text notes on the project with the ability to group notes by folders within each project;
    • work with a ​screenplay in corkboard mode;
    • viewing screenplay text and editing it in accordance with industry standards;
    • view the list of scenes and navigate the text of the script;
    • the possibility of reviewing the text of the script (highlighting, adding comments);
    • import scripts from the formats fdx, fountain, docx and kitsp from any installed application (mail, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.);
    • export notes and scripts to pdf, fdx, fountain docx and kitsp formats in any of the installed applications (mail, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.).

    Mobile application KIT Scenarist is only one of the components of a fully-featured studio for working on screenplays KIT Scenarist. Look to our website, where you can meet with other useful tools for creating stories that will help raise your productivity to a new level!

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