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    Professional Communication Apps course, lecture, notes & books for students.

    A techie, expert in field, but poor in communications, well learn here with your communication guide, The writing that wins you people, Business proposals, Technical writing & report writing.

    Free handbook on learning Professional Communication at workplace & office, It will help the techies get a promotion, succeed in interviews, win sales, win clients and become an effective software professional.

    The App covers 36 topics of Professional Communication in detail divided in 3 units. The topics Covered in this application are:

    1. Communication
    2. Meaning of General Communication
    3. Features of Technical Writing / Professional Communication
    4. Features of General Writing

    5. Language as a Tool of Communication
    6. The Process of Communication
    7. Types of Communication

    8. Distinction between General & Technical Communication
    9. Directions of Communication
    10. Need for and Importance of Communication
    11. Types of Technical Communication-1
    12. History of Development of Technical Education
    13. The Flow of Communication
    14. Barriers to Effective Communication

    15. Articles
    16. Verb- Phrases
    17. Compound Words
    18. Synonyms
    19. Antonyms
    20. Homophones
    21. General Writing
    22. Unity of a Sentence

    23. Paragraph Writing for Technical purpose
    24. Dissertation/Thesis/scientific Article/Technical Paper
    25. Planning the Thesis/Dissertation

    26. Technical Essays: Should India Go Nuclear
    27. Essays: Solar Energy

    28. Proposal Writing
    29. Parts of Letter
    30. Business Correspondence
    31. Business Correspondence : Circumference
    32. Resume, Memo, Press Release Writing

    33. Cardinal Characteristics of a Report
    34. Report
    35. Kinds of Reports
    36. Space Flight


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    The App is for all the engineers, software programmers, computer and IT professionals who are working in IT/Tech companies, startups, freelancing or intend to work in the field of computers and feel the need for strengthening professionals communication.

    Wish you a very happy learning.

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