Profile Changer




    In this profile changer application. we have implementing 3 type of profile changer.

    1.sensor based

    2.sms based

    3.time based

    In sensor based:

    you have to use your proximity sensor which is in front of your mobile nearer to front camera of the mobile. you can put your hand to the above of your sensor it will be changing your profile.before you have open application click on sensor_based then start the service after that you can change your profile through sensor.

    In Sms based:

    If this application is available in your mobile when you forgot your mobile using any mobile you can change your mobile take another mobile and type message to your mobile,initially type g then space then you can type any message when message received in your mobile profile will be in general/normal that if initial is s then it will be change to silent mode.And initial is v then it change to vibrate mode.

    In time based:

    After open this application you have to click on time based then you have to select two time (In time and out time),After that you have to selected the two button then you can click close button.when in time will be start profile will be change to silent mode,when out time will reached profile will change to normal mode automatically and This will happen in every day