Profile E-Line Shaper




    This app can be shaped into a E-line ideal your favorite photo profile.
    Refers to the line connecting the tip of the lower jaw and the tip of the nose is the abbreviation of Aesthetic Line and E-line, it is used as a reference for determining the aesthetic balance of the mouth.It is that it is an ideal profile cosmetically lips and fits on the inside of the E-line.

    The procedure is only four steps.

    Selection of photo.
    Tailored to guide the photo position.
    Move according to the photo (feature points) chin point.
    Adjusted to your favorite E-line rate by operating the slider pictures after shaping.
    ※ You can save to the terminal in save button profile photo after shaping.

    By all means, please try to transform into a profile of the E-line ideal good balance easily with this app.

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