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    If you could help change the world by simply be you… would you? Would you teach a child, heal the sick, house the homeless if all you had to do was click a button? By downloading this free app you can do all these, and so much more.

    The Purpose United Project (PUP) is a collaboration of Great Causes, Supportive Businesses, and Caring People just like you. PUP members make the world a better place by helping Great Causes build awareness and realize sustainable funding streams through advertising on this social media, localized, daily deal shopping app.

    Here’s how it works:

    1.) Sponsoring Businesses enjoy a loyal, motivated customer base from the population of local PUP members. In return they give incredible member-only local daily deals, coupons, and special services. PUP businesses pay a monthly advertising and direct Cause sponsorship fee to PUP for the right to advertise on our mobile apps, websites, newsletters and special events. The money collected from advertising creates the pool of funds that are distributed every month to all the PUP sponsored Causes. These funds are distributed in proportion to how many votes each Cause receives when PUP members register on the mobile apps and website. Additionally, direct Cause sponsorship funds from our generous business supporters go directly to the Cause that each business decides to directly support. Members never have to buy a thing – all charity funding is through business advertising and sponsorships.

    2.) Caring People (our members) enjoy easily identifying the local businesses that are supporting their Chosen Causes, while receiving incredible member-only deals at all PUP businesses on everything we could every need. By only supporting the local businesses that are giving back to the community, we encourage these businesses to keep on giving through the PUP marketing and sponsorship system. There is strength in numbers. We will encourage the marketplace to support its local communities when we stand in solidarity to support the businesses that support our Great Local Causes.

    3.) Great Causes enjoy virally spreading awareness while receiving sustainable monthly funding from PUP businesses sponsors. All a Cause has to do to get started is ask its current supporters to download the free PUP mobile app and vote for them when they register. Easy! Each Cause receives a portion of the funding pool created from the business advertising in the city that they are located. Their share of this regional funding pool is directly proportional to the number of PUP members that have chosen them during registration. So, each Cause simply needs to ask their supporters to reach out to friends and family to become PUP members and vote for them. Each member can select up to 5 Causes to simultaneously support, making it easy for others to support your Chosen Cause too!

    Start changing your world! Download this free app, tell your friends and family… and start enjoying all the local daily deals from your supporting businesses.

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