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    A Sweet Note: Be Disciplined in the e-Classes while using Media Players, else You might be Crashed out of the Classroom! In simple Words, Our App doesn’t crash till a User Presses Buttons to learn and not just to check all classes together. Enjoy Learning!


It starts with Monday as a Module 01 and leads the Training of Subconscious Brain till Sunday, the Module 07. The Scientific and Mathematical aspect will be revealed in the forthcoming Levels but what the Psychological aspect is that a Learner will be Repeating with our repeating students while manifesting the Conditioning of Subconscious Brain. In fact, the Learner will be making the language a habit by doing so. Various Situational Triggers will be settled in deep Sub-Conscious and hence the Learner will be able to speak the Language without any Translation from any Native Language!

    Module 01 - Module 05 contain the Vernacular Aspect of the Language which are full of sundry Phrasal Expressions with a little bit of Grammatical garnishing. Module 06 is Exclusively Dedicated to Grammar. Module 07 will be the resting Day for the Brain with some bits and bytes of Essentials. After understanding the functionality, we advise to start from any fresh Monday and then flow with the Modules to make most of it.

    This Application will act as the Creation of a Foundation Layer for starting to learn the Language. Last but not the least, we have tried to make this Application as simple as we could. No Advertisement is and will be our priority to avoid distraction/s while trying to learn something. Moreover, it works Offline too!

    It's just the beginning...Coming up √B

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