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    Published: 2018-03-15, by .

    A complete multipurpose Q&A social network app

    • Original and super versatile
    • Multiple purposes
    • Easy to navigate and manage
    • User profile may need more edit options

    "All the answers when you need them"


    There is no doubt that Queskr is an app full of possibilities. This Q&A tool has a useful set of features to help you get answers easier and faster. You can make open questions to everyone or just to selected recipients from your contacts list. Besides, the best part is that Queskr allows you to customize the questions so the person receiving the query can answer to it with just one click.

    Create the question, chose the type of answer - YES/NO, Multichoice, or Rating - and wait to get your results. So nice and simple.


    Versatile and with a lot of different usages from business to leisure. It has a complete set of answers, you can even suggest images, places or dates as possible replies. Moreover, Queskr allows you to create and join groups of contacts to share your Q&A with. Imagine having a trusted circle to make specific questions to and get reliable answers, or just an app to plan a meeting with friends or colleagues, all in one.


    Overall Queskr is an app with high standards and plenty of qualities. That said, it would be interesting to be able to edit the user profile a little bit more. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to ask directly to a certain type of expert or market yourself as a specialist in a certain area?

    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Mar 15, 2018


    How long does it take you to get answers? Well, you can get them faster!

    Queskr is a new, free social Q&A app that lets you effortlessly send questions and get answers from friends, family and coworkers.

    Users create visually-rich questions which can be answered in one click by their family, friends and coworkers. Answers are consolidated into easily reviewed results, and users can then chat in the context of the question.

    Queskr is solving a need no other social Q&A or chat solution does - allowing people to easily ask questions and get answers, faster than by any other means.

    The idea for Queskr and social Q&A came from the fact that no chat or social app had the capability to quickly and easily query your contacts and then receive immediate consolidated answers for your review.

    No extra time or fluff. We’ve condensed the social Q&A cycle down to its purest state and made it faster than any other app.

    • Multiple predetermined and customizable question templates let you ask your question exactly how you intend.
    • Send questions to multiple friends or coworkers by setting up groups from anyone on your contact list, whether they have the app or not.
    • Add times, locations and pictures to your questions to give greater clarity.
    • Use it for personal questions, or use it at work to quickly assess your team or clients' opinions.

    How was the movie on a scale of 1 to 10?
    Where should we go for lunch?
    Should I get this pair of shoes, or this pair of shoes?
    When are we meeting?

    These are all questions you can get answered with Queskr. You can keep texting and messaging … or you can get your questions answered the easy way!

    Download Queskr today and see for yourself how easy social Q&A has become.

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