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    This is the perfect app to have a good time with information technology engineers. It is designed to help users learn different knowledge of Oracle by using one choice, multiple choices, fill in blank and drag & drop hotspot questions.

    The rules of Quiz: Knowledge For Oracle are quite simple. There are two mode in this application: practice mode and test mode. For learning, just going to practice mode to get the questions & correct answers. For testing, going to test mode to start a test engine with time limited and get the result after the end of test.

    Available exams: 1z0-007, 1z0-027, 1z0-042, 1z0-043, 1z0-047, 1z0-050, 1z0-051, 1z0-052, 1z0-053, 1z0-054, 1z0-055, 1z0-058, 1z0-060, 1z0-061, 1z0-062, 1z0-067, 1z0-100, 1z0-102, 1z0-108, 1z0-117, 1z0-133, 1z0-144, 1z0-146, 1z0-151, 1z0-204, 1z0-206, 1z0-215, 1z0-216, 1z0-238, 1z0-241, 1z0-311, 1z0-312, 1z0-402, 1z0-403, 1z0-409, 1z0-450, 1z0-457, 1z0-460, 1z0-465, 1z0-478, 1z0-481, 1z0-482, 1z0-485, 1z0-497, 1z0-514, 1z0-515, 1z0-517, 1z0-518, 1z0-519, 1z0-520, 1z0-521, 1z0-525, 1z0-526, 1z0-528, 1z0-531, 1z0-532, 1z0-533, 1z0-535, 1z0-536, 1z0-539, 1z0-540, 1z0-541, 1z0-542, 1z0-543, 1z0-554, 1z0-560, 1z0-567, 1z0-569, 1z0-574, 1z0-580, 1z0-590, 1z0-591, 1z0-593, 1z0-597, 1z0-599, 1z0-803, 1z0-804, 1z0-805, 1z0-820, 1z0-821, 1z0-822, 1z0-850, 1z0-851, 1z0-858, 1z0-859, 1z0-870, 1z0-871, 1z0-876, 1z0-877, 1z0-878, 1z0-880, 1z0-882, 1z0-883, 1z0-895, 1z0-898, 1z0-899, 1z1-034

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