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    Radiation Camera is the app that allows you to see radiation as it happens.

    Get quick, accurate, and clearly visible results with a Geiger counter, visual scanner and radiation level indicator. Watch as it tracks radiation particles in real-time, or let it run in the background while you continue using your phone or switch off the phone screen.

    Easy to use and capable of detecting a wide range of radioactive rays including cosmic radiation, x-rays, gamma radiation and more, this app is a great tool for tracking radiation at a specific time and location, or over time.

    Recommended for frequent flyers, hikers, students, lab technicians, underground dwellings and shelters, and anyone living, working or traveling near potentially radioactive locations.

    Minimal Setup

    First, cover your camera lens with an opaque, dark tape (such as duct tape or electrical tape) or use a camera lens cover. You do not have to cover your secondary camera.

    When launching the app for the first time, run it for one minute in a low-radiation environment to allow it to calibrate – you only have to do this once.

    And now you’ve turned your Android device into a radiation detector!


    Quick and Clear – Accurately detects radiation in as little as 1 minute and displays results with a visual scanner, Geiger counter and level indicator that clearly displays when radioactivity has reached low, medium or high levels.

    See the Radiation – An event display lets you track sub-atomic particles in real-time. The visual scanner also helps determine real radiation from electronic noise, as well as what type of radiation is being detected.

    No Interruptions – Radiation Camera can run in the background while you use your phone normally or turn off the phone screen, allowing you to continuously track radiation levels as you travel or go about your day.

    Secure Tracking – Automatically store results to track radiation over time, or share them through email, messengers and social media. Radiation Camera NEVER automatically uploads your radiation data to third parties.

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    For accurate results, primary phone camera must be completely shielded from all light sources with black tape or a camera lens cover. When launching this app for the first time, you must first run it in a low-radiation environment for one minute to allow it to calibrate.

    This app is designed to detect radiation, but it cannot provide protection from the effects of radioactivity for yourself or your Android device. It is not intended to replace dedicated radioactivity monitoring equipment. Do not purposely expose yourself or your phone to sources of radiation.

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