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    Note: Due to development issues, a newer version has been uploaded as a new app, rather than an update. Please download "Rail Baron Lookup 2.0" ( instead. Thanks.

    This is a very simple tool for players of the Rail Baron game.
    If you don't know what Rail Baron is, or just want a handy link, check out this URL:

    All you need is your android device - no dice or charts are needed:
    * Roll for destination
    * Get payout amount

    Currently features lookups for three maps:
    * USA
    * Great Britain and Ireland
    * Australia

    This is the initial release, and my first attempt at writing an Android App.

    Features I want to add in future updates:
    * Persistence - remembers which map, etc. you used last time
    * Listing of properties and their prices
    * Record keeping - eventually for multiple games.
    * Support for Samsung's Multiwindow

    Feedback is welcome. If you would like further maps added, please let me know where I can get the charts.

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