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    ◇◇The first episode can be viewed free of charge!! ◇◇
    ◇◇This is a beautiful story with sweet sorrow with motif of the masterpiece of Chopin!!◇◇
    ◇◇The masterpiece drama CD “Raindrops” is made into App drama!!◇◇
    ◇◇All characters are dubbed by a great array of voice actors!!◇◇

    The scene of the story is laid in a high school.
    Yu is in a wheelchair and plays the piano in the old school building that no one uses now. Misaki is her best friend.
    They look pleasant, but each of them carries a hidden secret…
    Enigmatic and mysterious events occur one after another around them…A mangled body of a rabbit their school owned and Misaki receives mysterious letters…
    Who is the culprit!? What is the secret Yu and Misaki hold back!?

    It is a beautiful but suspenseful story with sweet sorrow depicted with motif of the masterpiece of Frederic Chopin, “24 Preludes, Op.28-15 Des-dur” (“Raindrop”).

    ■■Main Characters■■
    ◆Yu Watanabe(CV:Miki Kudo)
    She is in her third year at high school. An incident caused her leg injury so that she is in a wheelchair.
    She seems to be calm and a cute girl, but…!?
    ◆Misaki Mori(CV:Asa Kudo)
    Yu’s classmate, and her best friend. She is dating with Katsuya.
    Misaki holds back something that can’t be told to anyone…!?
    ◆Eri Sato(CV:Azusa Momomiya)
    Yu’s classmate. She has a strong sense of justice but is a little too impatient, that is her only fault.
    ◆Katsuya Yoshioka(CV: Masahiro Kobayashi)
    Yu’s classmate. He is the soccer club star and is dating with Misaki.
    He is a handsome and big-brother-kind-of boy whom everyone turns to.
    ◆Wataru Hashimoto(CV:Kohei Yamashita)
    Yu’s classmate. He is very active and a hot-blooded type of boy.

    ■■ How to Play ■■
    Progressing through the game is extremely simple!
    1. Start the game and click “Episode1”
    2. Read the Episode1
    3. Read through the story, make choices, and get closer to the characters
    4. There are two types of endings in this game! Whether or not you get the Happy End depends upon your decisions!

    ■■Recommended for■■
    “Raindrops~my dear friends~” is for someone like :
    ・interested in voice actors
    ・interested in suspenseful or horror story that makes you exited
    ・interested in App drama
    ・want to enjoy a full-blown story
    ・interested in these masterpiece suspenseful stories such as “When They Cry” and “Alice's Adventures in Warpedland”.

    ■■ About GENIUS, developers of this app ■■
    GENIUS is a company that designs, develops, and sells "App Dramas", story-based content that can be casually enjoyed on smartphones. Their mission is to produce App Dramas in various different genres and turn this new form of entertainment into another form of art in line with manga and anime.
    The English version of the romance App Drama "Pay for my Call with a Kiss" and "Twilight Romance" are currently being distributed to rave reviews.
    We will continue to distribute high quality content in English, and hope that you'll look forward to it.

    ■■ Questions, bug reports for the app ■■
    Please contact us at if you have any questions or bugs to report.
    We would also love to hear your opinions about the app.
    Your opinions and comments are indispensable for our future apps, so please do not hold back and give us your honest opinion.

    ■■Terminal info■■
    After Android 4.0

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