Raptor Pack Live Wallpaper




    Raptor Pack is a fully immersive 3D Live Wallpaper. It brings you back into the Jurassic Age as you follow your pack of raptor dinosaurs as they run through the forest in search for their next meal.

    Features included are:
    Raptors running infinitely on your screen
    Raptors react to your touch and will bark at you!
    Their speed is based on the percentage of your battery - the higher the percentage, the faster they run!
    Choose between 1-4 raptors (unlock required)
    Use the gyroscope on your device to move the camera view (unlock required)

    - The easiest way to apply this live wallpaper is to look for "Raptor Pack" in your app drawer, open it, and click on "Set Wallpaper" at the top. Otherwise, you will need to access your phone's live wallpaper menu, which will be located in your customize settings (many phones access this in different ways).

    - On some devices, when you first apply this wallpaper, you may find that your battery drains faster than normal. Simply rebooting your device with the wallpaper active should fix this issue.

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