Reader launcher for FireFox

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    [How it works]
    Apps can share a URL or request a web browser to open a URL. If you select this app. It passes the URL either to the Reader Mode of FireFox or to another web browser, depending on the settings, and then exits.

    1. This app is NEITHER affiliated with NOR endorsed by the developers of FireFox.
    2. This app itself does NOT contain a reader mode or a web browser; it just launches FireFox's Reader Mode or another web browser.

    [Why this app is useful]
    Among the three major Android web browsers, FireFox is the only browser that has a real reader mode. So, even if it is not your main browser, you still sometimes want to open a specific page with its Reader mode.

    Unfortunately, FireFox does not register an intent for opening a web page directly in its Reader mode. Its intent only shows additional popup menu for bookmarking and opening (not in Reader Mode). Dealing with that menu each time is cumbersome and inconvenient. Until they change that behaviour, I decided to create a utility myself to alleviate the inconvenience.