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    Published: 2017-09-21, by .

    Retrieve your phone conversations and record everything you say

    • Good idea
    • Helpful when necessary
    • It can be dangerous in some ways
    • Design could be better

    "Remember That Call?"


    RECall is a useful and simple application that allows you to easily record all your phone conversations. Sign in with Facebook or Gmail and connect the app to your cloud service account. The only step left to do is activate the recording and forget all about the app until you want to go back to any of your conversations.

    What was it that your friend said that made you laugh so much? What were you supposed to do that you forgot to note down? RECall is especially helpful in those kinds of situations, as you only need to access your preferred cloud account to retrieve the audio recordings. And voilà! Everything is solved.


    We were worried that the app recorded everything, but it won't allow us to save the recordings unless we've placed a call, which is undoubtedly a good decision. In addition, we found the app easy to use and learn. The mechanics aren't complicated: you can quickly start a recording and pause it or stop it whenever you need.


    Of course, people could ignore the legal notice and this could result in some problems. In addition, the design isn't as professional as it could be, although the app works well and does what it's supposed to.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Sep 21, 2017


    RECall is known as a background app, which allows you to record all your phone calls (inbound and outbound) seamlessly, and also record voice notes as and when required. The RECall App can be highly beneficial to you whenever you need to listen to a previous telephone conversation. However, please note that the legal use of RECall can only be possible if you inform the other party(ies) on the call that he/she/they are being recorded. You would need to inform them verbally at the start of the phone call. Being a background app, RECall would simply start recording automatically.

    Your recordings will be automatically saved in your preferred public cloud storage location. They will not be kept in your smartphone to avoid using up your smartphone’s local storage. The cloud connectors currently available are Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. OneDrive is the only connector at present that would require you to manually sync your smartphone with your OneDrive Cloud storage account once in a while by going into the RECall app and pressing the Sync button.

    Listen to the recording directly from your pre-set public cloud storage account, add notes, and share if desired.

    Please note that RECall does not work on certain handsets and/or can result in inferior quality recordings e.g. one way recordings. We continue to work to improve the app, so we suggest that you post us some constructive reviews whenever possible to help us make the app better for your everyday use. In-app purchases will be available over time to subscribe to RECall's own Cloud Backup services and to also record calls placed using Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Tango, IMO, Viber etc (Audio & Video). Work is in progress so more updates soon.

    If you encounter any recording issues or wish to improve voice quality, try the volume setting available within the app.

    Please do not forget to share the app with your contacts! The link to share is available under Settings within RECall.

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