Refuel Your Ride





    A very simple and easy to use application for managing and calculating your fuel consumption.

    Features Included:
    1. Add a Vehicle (Tick to Use vehicle to start providing fillups)
    2. Add Fuel Log entries for the in use vehicle.
    3. Easy switching of vehicles from the Home Dashboard screen
    4. View Fuel Averages (Current, Best and Worst)
    5. View Current Odometer reading.
    6. Start over fuel average calculation if user forgets intermediate fillups. Only works when start over is a full fillup.
    7. Schedule Service Reminders by date or odometer
    8. Service Reminder Notification to remind the user for Overdue and Due Now states
    a. Overdue when the due date or due distance has passed
    b. 5 days before the due date
    c. 1000 km or miles before the due distance
    9. Create service records for service reminders
    10. Settings
    a. Set your fuel economy
    b. Set your currency
    11. Tools - Calculator for Vehicle and Journey details calculation.
    12. Export all entries to a csv format file on your sd-card.
    13. About Us

    A few points to note:
    - Please note all averages are calculated based on odometer reading and fuel log entries.
    - The application will calculate the vehicle's efficiency only when the fuel tank is marked full. The first fuel efficiency average will be computed once you have refilled the tank for the second time.
    - All available currencies and settings are for display only, any change in the settings will not recalculate input data.
    - The due distance is arrived at by using the odometer of the vehicle, which is updated every time you refuel your vehicle
    - The scheduled service reminder type (Use Odo, Use Date) cannot be changed once set, although the values can change as required.

    Please mail in your feedback, suggestions or features to

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