Remindify is an all new smartphone app that uses user location to manage and trigger reminders. In this way it aims to change how reminders are perceived and used.

    Reminders are used every day to help people remember to perform a task at future time or an appropriate place. Common methods for reminding are carefully set alarms, sticky-notes, to-do lists and electronic calendars. Unfortunately, these existing methods often lack the ability to trigger reminders at an appropriate place.

    Scenario 1 : A grocery list reminder is more helpful while passing the supermarket en route home from work rather than after getting home.

    Scenario 2 : You want to get reminded of visiting a health center whenever you leave your home or office.

    With the capability of using location to trigger reminders scenarios are infinite. It is a valuable piece of context that can improve the way people use reminders.

    A user can choose to set a reminder or a bookmark at any point on the map. A reminder defines a reminder radius. Remindify uses user GPS information to track position and triggers a notification whenever user enters the reminder radius..
    If you are tired and fed up of missing out on important tasks, use a more sophisticated Location Based approach to set reminders.

    Remindify v1.1
    * is best viewed in smartphones
    * requires Android version 3.0 or up
    **NOTE**Tablet users may find some problems in layout
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    * a full-screen map on app home to add an intuitive approach to Location Based Reminders..view all your reminders on the map
    * long press on any point on the map to add a marker/flag..
    * drag and drop flags
    * intelligent GPS usage
    * inteligent Data usage
    * elegant and clutter free interface

    Team Invictus totally respects your privacy. The permissions requested by the app and their explanations are as follows :-
    - INTERNET : To retrieve and refresh Google Maps used in the app
    **NOTE** Remindify does not need a persistent data connection..once it retrieves map of a region, Remindify can be used offline..Check your data connection whenever Remindify doesn't show map of a region
    - ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows Remindify to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi.
    - ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : To keep a track of your current location for triggering notifications, showing current user location on user request and open app home page map in sync with your current location
    - VIBRATE : To vibrate on reminder notifications. This can be enabled/disabled in app settings
    - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To store maps externally that are retrieved via internet so as to allow app to work offline
    - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : To monitor network connections

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