ReportOnSite is an Audit, Inspection and Checklist mobile application for employees whose companies are using the Effective Software platform.

    The Effective Software platform is a cloud-based (SaaS) Health and Safety Software Solution. Mobile users of the platform use the ReportOnSite application to complete Audits, Inspections, Record Actions and much more, and then synchronize all their work with Effective Software in the cloud.  

    The application can work online and offline so that mobile workers in areas of poor connectivity can still capture vital audit data. This data can later be synchronized later in an area of better connectivity.  

    Audit templates can be as rich and flexible as required and supports a variety of question types, image attachments, location coordinates, signature capture and barcode scanner.  

    Main Features
    * Complete scheduled reports or ad-hoc reports using templates
    * Create / Edit / Close Actions identified on reports
    * Work online or offline
    * Synchronize work back to Effective Software cloud platform
    * Select from a wide variety of different question types including:
    ------ Signature capture
    ------ Barcode scan
    * Include photos and GPS locations immediately from your mobile device

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