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    Published: 2014-05-12, by Janel.

    Apply a huge variety of filters to photos before you snap them

    • 80 filters to choose from (55 in free version)
    • See how your edited photo will look in real time
    • Collages made simple with self-timer
    • None

    "Selfies on retro-colored steroids"

    It can disappointing to take a photo only to realize afterwards that none of the filters really fit that whole look you were going for, you know, that vintage thing with the blur and the vignetting and the skewed colors. This is especially true if it's a selfie. Banish the amateur auto-photography blues forever with Retrica, which lets you play with filters before you ever take the shot.

    Select from among 80 filters and see how they'll look on the image in real time. Toggle vignetting and/or selective blurring if you like. Create a collage with up to nine different shots of you and your friends making duckfaces. A self-timer makes it simple. After taking the perfect snap, exporting it via your social media of choice is straightforward.

    The filters are by and large quite attractive, a definite step up from the default ones included in Instagram. It's neat to be able to see them applied before you ever take the shot; that way, you know if you need to find more light or reframe the photo in advance.

    55 of the filters are included in the free version; upgrading to Pro will net you 25 extras.

    Retrica is the selfie-enthusiast's dream come true.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    May 12, 2014


    Retrica is a beautiful camera app with powerful tools for taking selfies, personalizing your photos, and sharing images with friends. Express yourself with mesmerizing filters and discover new interesting people.

    • Beautiful camera filters for any occasion
    We have 100+ filters to choose from. And you can see them in real time, before you take your selfie — which means you can focus on capturing your good side instead of editing.

    • Multiple different looks
    Need to make your colors pop? Want that washed out beach look? How about some vintage camera light leaks? Whether you want retro or remarkable, Retrica has you covered. Double tap to adjust each look to juuuuuust the right amount.

    • Stand out with videos, and GIFs
    A tap will take the perfect snapshot, and a long press will capture live video. Switch into GIF mode and turn a collage or video into your very own GIF-able moment.

    • Easy Instant Collage
    One picture not enough? Take multiple selfies and turn them into a beautiful collage instantly. You can turn your phone into a retro photo booth with the touch of a button.

    • Fun stickers, stamps, doodles, and more!
    Over 100 stickers to decorate and edit your shots. Make your videos pop, embed a personal message on your selfie, or add the date and time with Retrica's creative stamps. We've got tons of ways to decorate your selfies.

    • Chronological Follow Feed
    When you follow someone on Retrica, we show you all of their posts in reverse chronological order. Always. We never hide photos or videos from the people you follow.

    • Send private messages
    Retrica isn't just a camera, it's also a community. Meet and make new friends in Retrica, and send private messages with our new direct messaging feature.

    • Share
    Upload your beautiful selfies to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. In Retrica, your followers can see every shot you choose to share.

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