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    Published: 2015-11-05, by .

    A travel app that helps you capture the most exciting moments of your trip for reminiscing later

    • Good idea
    • Sharing with friends and family
    • Random moment feature
    • Works offline
    • Could add some features

    "A Magic Journey"


    The difference between Roadlike and other travel apps is that this one lets you add the specific location details, so when time passes you still know exactly where you were at that magic moment. The app lets you analyze your journey by viewing the locations on a map, so you can visualize where you've been and what happened along the way.

    Roadlike - Travel Check In App is a carefully-designed travel application for nostalgic souls that want to reminisce about their best trips and adventures.

    Take photos or videos at any point along your journey and later share them with your friends and family. Roadlike allows users to navigate through their travel memories and get inspiration for future trips.


    It's useful to find an interactive tutorial at the beginning, since the app quickly explains the basics of Roadlike and invites you to start uploading your "moments" right away

    We love the "Shuffle" button, which allows you to relive some of your moments in a totally random but interesting way. In addition, for people travelling outside their country, it's great to have the "offline" option and be able to enjoy the app even when you're not connected to 3G or Wi-Fi. You just need to use the app normally and then the moments will automatically upload with the right location when you have an Internet connection.


    As a suggestion, we'd love it if some posts could be public and we could gather travel inspiration from other users, so it worked more like a social network dashboard. The sharing option is fine, but we'd love to see some travel inspiration feed in the next updates.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Nov 05, 2015


    Whether you are climbing mountains, cruising islands, or touring cities, you always want to remember where you went and what you did there. While you may remember some of the basic details, once you return home there’s going to be a lot that you don’t remember especially the names and locations of the places you had been to.

    You want to be able to remember such things as attractions, restaurants, bars, gift shops, your first experience of something, street performers and much more which forms an important part of your entire travel.

    Roadlike allows you to check in at each and every place and capture all your travel moments with precise location addresses , photos, videos and memory notes, you feel are worth remembering in the future so that you can relive them and easily recollect the name and locations you had visited and new friends you made during your travels.

    This app was also created to make it easier for you to have an all-in-one simple travel diary. Too many people complain that they end up with a folder full of digital pictures, but they don’t remember enough of the details such as (names & locations of the places, date & time you were there etc) to make a real and simple travel diary out of it. This is why Roadlike was made. It’s a unique way of having a simple travel diary – and you don’t have to be online to capture all your check-ins with photos or videos while you are traveling. Think about all the times you tried to check in somewhere and found that you don’t have an internet connection and you missed out on being able to capture your check-in.

    One of the Best Offline Travel App - So many times, it happens that while traveling you either have a bad internet connection or no internet connection and your mobile phone goes in an offline mode. This app is one of the best offline travel app that allows you to capture your travel moments with locations / check in even when you do not have Internet or you are offline.

    Free App - This App is for free! No, in-app purchases also.

    Roadlike is a personal application - You are in control of your privacy. Each moment and check-in captured by you is private by default, however you can add friends and family people who are with you.

    Share your Journey: If you want to showcase your travel moments or check-ins on your social network, you just need to change the privacy setting of the moments you want to show and this feature will allow you to share the URL of your Roadlike Journey (collection of moments) on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Email.

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