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    If you are not a fan of modern design analog clock widget, but are looking for simple designs that have a unique twist, definitely check out ⭐ Roman Numeral Clock Widget ⭐! This time and date app allows you to customize your own clock themes and beautify your phone the way you always wanted. Try out the most amazing analog clock collection that has all the essential features to help you stay organized, but will also impress you with its beautiful designs! You can freely express your creativity and experiment with cool clock themes with roman numerals and customize a time widget display to fit your cool wallpapers! Set time for the wake up alarm and pick the most beautiful alarm sounds that will put a smile on your face every morning. Download and install this fantastic time widget and have some fun!

    ⭐ Roman Numeral Clock Widget ⭐ features:

    *** Make your own clock with roman numerals!
    *** First ADD the widget to your HOME SCREEN to enable it!
    *** Then, go to MENU and tap 'ADD' or tap an empty space on your screen until 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN' pop-up window appears!
    *** You will get five amazing clock themes for time widget display and the rest will unlock later!
    *** Select some of the cool skins for the clock display on main screen!
    *** Tap the alarm clock widget to move and scale it!
    *** Choose alarm ringtones and set time simply by swiping the digits!
    *** Beautify your phone with one of the latest gadgets!

    *** Try out one of the best gadgets for telling the time! ***

    Discover the impressive app clock with roman numerals and one of the most unique apps on the market! This is a wonderful collection of “decorative clocks” that you can customize according to your style and cute wallpapers. Have fun and express your creativity by combining cool skins and analog clock themes with the right color combination. You will stand out and feel unique knowing that you have your personalized roman numerals time and date widget app. Let your date and time clock widget with cute designs become the source of inspiration whenever you “unlock the phone”! Find out what's the time efficiently and stay organized thanks to the coolest time widget app!

    *** The coolest alarm clock with music you can find! ***

    You can stop worrying about missing important events because this innovative roman clock will always tell you the right current time. Apart from that, this cool date and time app also has the integrated smart alarm clock software. Pick the most soothing alarm clock notification sounds and easily set time for the wake up alarm. What makes this phone widget special and one of the most “useful apps” is that you can even teach kids time with analog clock as well as roman numerals! Don't hesitate to check out one of the “best widgets” for telling the time totally free of charge!

    *** Decorate your phone and know the current time at every moment! ***

    The new ⭐ Roman Numeral Clock Widget ⭐is the most original among all the cool gadgets for telling the time! Its impressive and sleek simple designs with roman numerals will surely beautify your phone home screen, and more importantly, help you stay organized. This fantastic time and date widget allows you to make your own clock display and have fun while you express your creativity and customize many awesome themes and beautiful designs. Match the widget design of the simple clock widget app to the cute backgrounds or cool wallpapers and create true art pieces on your home screen. Set time and alarm sounds with the analog alarm clock and wake up in the morning with the wonderful music ringtones! Download and install this useful and original roman numeral clock and easily plan your day!

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