Rotating Planet Live Wallpaper




    Free Live Wallpaper featuring a rotating planet in space. Planet and background can be configured to your liking with many options like size, position, color, rotation, etc.

    The Live Wallpaper was developed for smartphones and tablets running Android version 2.2 or higher.

    The first version contains three planets, three starfields and three background space objects which can be selected in any combination. There are more planets and backgrounds to be released in future (free!) updates.

    The Live Wallpaper contains advertisement banners in the settings screen. Particular attention was paid to make these as non-annoying and fair as possible.

    The wallpaper installs itself in the Live Wallpaper selection screen on your device. It can be found under the entry "Rotating planet".

    Please leave a comment when you miss certain features or dislike the wallpaper for a reason, so I will be able to improve these parts in the future. Unsolicited praise and proposals for future planets are welcome as well. ;-)

    Parts of this software are derived from GLWallpaperService by Mark F Guerra:

    using Apache License 2.0

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