Roulette Dashboard - Analysis & Strategy




    The Roulette Dashboard captures all roulette numbers and offers you numerous analysis, so you can develop your own strategy.

    The Roulette Dashboard app is your constant companion in (online) casinos.

    Simply type your Roulette numbers into the Roulette Dashboard just like a calculator.

    Analyze e. g. the frequency distribution, related segments or the direct and opposite neighbor numbers in the roulette wheel.

    Use the interactive tableau to get the hit count or to determine the absence of numbers.

    Click on any chance of the American or European Roulette and have the corresponding charts displayed.

    Or, orient your game directly to available betting systems such as the Paroli and Martingale system.

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    We are no online casino and we do not offer dubious winning systems!

    Note: Roulette is a game of pure gambling in which winning or losing depends on chance. We therefore strongly advise against playing with real money stakes. Use our app only in connection with play money (in demo mode) within legal online casinos.

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