Route Drive Navigation, Maps & Live Traffic Alerts

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    Route Drive Navigation, Maps & Live Traffic Alerts

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    Route Drive Navigation, Maps & Live Traffic Alerts is a free navigation app that provides turn by turn navigation during driving to reach to your desired destination. It provides navigation with voice direction so that you can listen to the navigation while driving your car. Searching for voice navigation that find road, navigation with voice directions, live navigation maps & street view, earth maps live gps, find out car parking and much more in this great gps navigation apps. GPS navigation offline maps & directions show the street view of the route that you take to reach the destination. Navigation direction app also lets users to know the estimated time of arrival ESA at a place along with the shortest possible route available with minimum traffic.

    This transportation app updates the driver about the traffic alerts, it tells on which route there is more traffic and at which route there is less traffic, so that users can avoid rusty traffic and reach the destination as soon as possible. Navigation apps free. GPS altimeter, American maps, Traffic information apps. Offline maps with GPS free. Offline navigator for driving. GPS locator and tracker app offline. Road maps of USA offline. Tracker car gps navigation system. Gps route finder maps navigation. Navigator for driving offline. Traffic live map.

    Voice GPS driving directions, GPS navigation offline tells you the kilometers that you will travel to reach the destination along with the arrival time. Pub world live earth maps navigation and tracking apps. You can plan your trips without any hassle using this transportation app you select the route you want to take to reach at a place. Waze gps maps traffic alerts and live navigation. Gps navigator with voice has maps of all the countries of the world, you can change location and select a new location and its map will open automatically that you can follow.

    Live Traffic: It gives the information of live traffic of the roads that how much traffic a route has and how much time you will take to reach at a place.
    Places nearby: While driving it gives you information about the nearby places like restaurants, café, hospitals, atm, pharmacies, parks, grocery stores, petrol pumps, schools, universities, bus stops, cinema etc.
    Traveling data: This navigation direction route app records the data of your traveling, and saves the frequently visiting places for future assistance.
    Street view maps: It shows 3D maps of the streets.
    Car Tracker: Tracker car Gps navigation system helps to track the car on the map and allows sharing the location of the car with your friends or family.
    Speedometer: This offline navigation system acts like speedometer, it measures the speed and also warns about the speed limits of different roads.
    Rerouting: In case if you miss to take a turn then this navigation app will automatically reroute itself to reach the destination.
    Weather forecast: It gives information related to the weather, tells the temperature etc.

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