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    Electroid Inc.'s Japamala is a useful tool for those who use Japa Mala or counters for their prayer/chanting. This app has several advantage over the real Japa Mala and Prayer Counter in certain situations. Like, when you are in a meeting or in a place where a real Japamala or Counter will make you noticeable, this app will help you continue your chant without having you any problems.

    In addition to that, you can listen to 6 different chantings (Om, Om Namah Shivay, Om Namo Narayanaya) Om Gam Ganapathaye, Gayathri Mantra and Narasimha Mantra) while counting the beads, and can set a background music (Thamburu or Om) and you can select between three types of rudraksha beads

    This app is very handy, that it will be with you any where you carry your phone. It has a feel of real japamala, and will improve the sense of chanting. It has a Bead count, Mala count and total count meters, so you can keep the track of your chants. It has a vibration to give you a feel of touch in your real japamala. You can customize it to count up or down or to both sides.

    More over , it can be used as a general increment counter also.
    Just give a try and decide for yourself.


    » FULL NETWORK ACCESS : For updates and downloading mantras
    » VIBRATION CONTROL : For enabling vibration during Japa.

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