Running Clyde GPS Track




    This is a an application to be used when you are running outdoor. No matter how much you run you can still measure your running performances and analyse the data.
    In 90% of the time when you are running outdoor you will have the phone with you and this means you can take advantages and have a recording of your running sessions.
    The main goal is to keep track of personal trainings, running sessions and to save the data on your own device as any other personal information. The running tracks are saved on the sdcard of your device.
    The application is using the GPS module to record data, the existing GPS module in the phone is having some limitation in accuracy for measuring elevation, this is the reason I hide such information.

    You can save your running sessions, measuring, and improving your performance by study your sessions later, using history and statistics view.
    You can monitor your improvement over the time (the history is going till 2 months back in this version).
    We are continuing improving our application with feature that we can find useful for us or from users. You can write us what feature you want to see in the application and we will add this in the roadmap.

    The roadmap we are planning is something that we and you all can decide depending of the number of your requests.

    If you are finding any issue regarding the utilization please write us on the above email us and we
    are going to fix/respond to your request/issue as soon as possible.

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